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Published: 0412 GMT June 12, 2019

Ex-US Vice President Joe Biden leads Trump by 13 percentage points: Survey

Ex-US Vice President Joe Biden leads Trump by 13 percentage points: Survey

US President Donald Trump would likely lose in the 2020 presidential election to several leading Democratic presidential candidates, including former Vice President Joe Biden, a new poll suggests.

Biden, the current front-runner in the Democratic primary race, holds a 13 percentage-point lead over Trump, 53-40 percent, according to a new national Quinnipiac poll, Presstv Reported.

Some 30 percent of Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters surveyed in the poll said they would vote for Biden.

The poll also shows that the majority of Americans continue to disapprove of Trump’s job as president, with 42 percent approving and 53 percent disapproving.

The poll comes as Trump and Biden have repeatedly criticized each other in recent weeks since Biden officially joined the 2020 race for the White House.

Trump and Biden spent Tuesday trading insults as they campaigned in the state of Iowa, in what could be a preview of a ferocious fight ahead if the two compete for the presidency next year.

“People don’t respect him,” Trump said after touring a renewable energy facility in the city of Council Bluffs. “Even the people that he’s running against, they’re saying: ‘Where is he? What happened?’”

“He makes his stance in Iowa once every two weeks and then he mentions my name 74 times in one speech. That reminds me of Crooked Hillary. She did the same thing,” Trump said, referring to his 2016 rival, Hillary Clinton.

At almost the same moment in Mount Pleasant, Biden noted the attention he has been getting from Trump. “I guess he’s really fascinated by me,” said Biden, who mentioned Trump by name about a dozen times during his first two events in Iowa.

“I find it fascinating.” He started to say more but then stopped himself, quipping: “My mother would say: ‘Joey, focus. Don’t descend. Stay up,’” Biden added.

Biden also said voters must stop Trump’s attempts to abuse his power and elevate his office beyond its constitutional limits. Trump is “breaking down the barriers that constrain his power [and acting like he has] complete power,” Biden said.

The state of Iowa is noteworthy for holding the first primary elections, a process that determines which two candidates from each major political party will be nominated to run against each other in the main presidential election.

Biden is not the only Democrat who leads Trump in a head-to-head race in the latest survey. Senator Bernie Sanders has a 9 percentage-point lead over Trump, while Senator Kamala Harris is holding an 8-point lead and Senator Elizabeth Warren tops Trump with a 7 percentage-point lead.

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