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Published: 0245 GMT June 24, 2019

Iran: US Middle East peace plan "shameful", "doomed to failure"

Iran: US Middle East peace plan "shameful", "doomed to failure"

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Monday the US Middle East peace plan that is set to be presented at an international conference in Bahrain this week is "shameful" and "doomed to failure".

"This conference and the sale of Palestine will lead nowhere," Seyyed Abbas Mousavi told a press conference in Tehran on Monday.

Finance officials were flying into Bahrain on Monday for the US-led peace conference that holds out billions of dollars for the Palestinians, whose leaders pronounced the idea dead on arrival.

Led by US President Donald Trump's son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner, the Peace to Prosperity economic workshop is billed as the opening of a long-delayed initiative that will later include political solutions to solve the long intractable Middle East conflict.

The plan is claimed to propose raising more than $50 billion in fresh investment for the Palestinians and their Arab neighbors with major projects to boost infrastructure, education, tourism and cross-border trade.


Forming coalition against Iran


Mousavi also dismissed attempts by the US to form a coalition against the Islamic Republic, saying such measures are destined to fail, according to Press TV.

“The push to form a coalition against Iran is nothing new; these coalitions have failed so far” Mousavi said.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said ahead of Middle East trip on Sunday that he sought to build a “global coalition” against Iran and planned to discuss the available options with his counterparts in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Pompeo also said that the US was ready for negotiations with Iran “with no preconditions”

“Iran is a powerful country neighboring 15 other nations; therefore, forming a coalition against Iran is difficult and they will fail even if they travel to the region everyday,” said Mousavi.

The Iranian spokesman further criticized US officials for making contradictory remarks regarding talks with Tehran, saying such statements are indicative of a divide among the US government officials.


Europe cool on Iran coalition talk


European officials appear cool toward US talk of building a global coalition against Iran, saying that their top priority is to de-escalate tensions in the region as they cling to hopes of salvaging the nuclear deal with Tehran.

The split over Iran comes amid deepening divisions between the United States and its European allies over foreign policy and trade, with the allies appearing to talk past each other on a matter that both view as a crucial security issue.

German Foreign Ministry spokesman Christofer Burger said Monday that Berlin had "taken note via the media" of Pompeo's comments on a coalition, a formulation that indicated Berlin had yet to be asked to join directly. He added that "our top aim is and remains a de-escalation of the serious situation," pointing to contacts at various levels with the US and noting that various representatives of the three European countries have recently been in Tehran.


Unconstructive remarks


Mousavi also criticized Andrew Murrison, Britain's minister for the Middle East, for his remarks on Sunday after a visit to Tehran. Murrison said Iran almost certainly bears responsibility for recent attacks on tankers in the Gulf of Oman.

"What (Murrison) said after the meetings was not constructive. It seems Britain is siding with America due to its domestic problems and Brexit crisis," Mousavi said.


Zaghari’s case


The Foreign Ministry spokesman also dismissed a controversy over the case of Nazanin Zaghari, a dual Iranian-British citizen jailed in Iran on espionage charges, and denounced protests against her detention that have been disrupting the activities of Iran’s Embassy in London.

Asked about a sit-in that Zaghari’s husband has staged in front of Iran’s Embassy in London, Mousavi told reporters that making decisions about security convicts comes within the purview of the country’s Judiciary.

Iran views Zaghari as an Iranian national who has committed security crimes, the spokesman added, stressing that such acts of blackmail in London would not really work.

Iran is opposed to any disturbance hampering its embassy’s normal activities in London, the spokesman said, adding that such disruptive protests run counter to international conventions.

The husband of Zaghari has staged a sit-in outside the Iranian Embassy in an apparent attempt to secure the release of his wife. She is serving a five-year sentence in Iran.


Reuters, Press TV and Tasnim News Agency contributed to this story.



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