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Published: 0236 GMT June 26, 2019

Official: EGFI to support export-oriented foreign investments

Official: EGFI to support export-oriented foreign investments

The diverse products and services of the Export Guarantee Fund of Iran (EGFI) are aimed at supporting export-oriented foreign investments, said the head of the fund’s board of directors.


Afrooz Bahrami, who is also the fund’s managing director, added this comes as the country itself has numerous capacities which are attractive to foreign investors.

In an address to a conference titled ‘Economic Boom and Investment Opportunities for Iranian Expats’, she added those who come to Iran to make export-oriented investments will be able to obtain finance insurance policies in addition to being provided with insurance for their export contracts.

Bahrami noted that the fund can either finance or purchase export debt documents, adding, “This means that the EGFI, through insurance policies, guarantees the on-time return of capital for those exporters who aim for the long-term sale of their products to other countries.

She said if export-oriented industries express worries concerning their liquidity, “We propose them to resort to credit sale not to lose international markets.”

Bahrami listed remarkable market, cheap workforce and low energy costs as well as easy access to the markets of 15 countries with $1 trillion worth of annual imports as Iran’s diverse capacities making the country a lucrative target for foreign investors.  

She said many foreign investors are worried about the political risks involved in funding projects in Iran, adding, “Although the region is unsafe due to the presence of foreign forces in it, our country is among the safest regional states.”

Bahrami assured that based on the permits it issues, the Organization for Investment Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran accepts responsibility for the political risks to foreign investors’ funds.

In addition, she added, the Iranian government guarantees that foreign investors can withdraw their capital from the country anytime they decide to do so.

She put the fund’s present capital at $309.52 million, stressing the need to increase the amount.

Bahrami noted that raising the fund’s capital by $200 million is on the agenda of the Iranian government and Parliament.


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