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Published: 0204 GMT July 05, 2019

Iranian-Islamic art on display in Delhi

Iranian-Islamic art on display in Delhi

An art exhibition, featuring Iranian handicrafts, calligraphy, pottery, metal works and photographs, was held in Delhi, marking 70 years of diplomatic relations between India and Iran.

The three-day exhibition organized by Iran Cultural Center was held at the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA). It showcased specimens of key Iranian Islamic art oeuvre.

The extensive show aimed to introduce traditional crafts of the country, and find common denominators with India, reported.

On view were works of minakari or enameling, which is the decoration of metal or tile with brilliantly-colored glaze. The technique was invented by ancient Iranian craftsmen, and it then spread to other countries, including India.

Many of the works have an intricately-designed blue glaze.

Sofalgari, or unglazed baked earthenware — also called ‘biscuit pottery’ — was on display at the exhibition.

Islamic art enthusiasts could also see khatamkari, which is a technique of incrustation, and moaragh or wood inlaying.



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