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Published: 0328 GMT July 20, 2019

Putin hints at rapprochement with Ukraine on eve of vote

Putin hints at rapprochement with Ukraine on eve of vote

Virtually on the eve of Ukraine’s parliamentary elections, the Kremlin released comments by President Vladimir Putin, saying that the two countries will mend ties despite their five-year conflict.

Putin went as far as to say that Russians and Ukrainians are one people.

“We have many things in common, we can use this as our competitive advantage during some form of integration,” Putin said, according to the transcript of a June 19 interview with American film director Oliver Stone.

“Rapprochement is inevitable,” Bloomberg reported on Saturday.

Ties between the former allies deteriorated after protesters in Kiev unseated the country’s Kremlin-backed leader in 2014 and the reunification of Crimea with Russia.

A party backed by Ukrainian businessman Viktor Medvedchuk, whose daughter counts Putin as her godfather, is campaigning for today’s elections and he met with Putin on Thursday to discuss potential cooperation.

President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, a former comedian elected in April, entered into his first negotiations with Putin earlier this month as he seeks to defuse the conflict and negotiate the release of 24 Ukrainian sailors detained by Russia in 2018.

Speaking about another election, Putin said it was “nonsense” to assume that comments by Russians on social networks could have influenced the result of the 2016 US presidential vote.

“No matter what our bloggers – or whoever’s job it is to comment on the Internet – might say about the situation in the US, this could not have played a decisive role,” he said.

But Russia’s “sympathies” were with Donald Trump “because he said he wanted to restore normal relations with Russia,” Putin said.



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