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Published: 1118 GMT July 21, 2019

Global warming pushes insects, birds towards northern UK

Global warming pushes insects, birds towards northern UK

The green-jawed tube web spider, the southern emerald damselfly, the purple heron and other more than 50 species have been traveling to the UK in the last years because they are affected by climate change.

The UK is known for keeping proper records of climate and nature, but when it comes to the movements of wildlife due to climate warming, there are some gaps, wrote.

A UK-Australian team decided to fill in the gapes by conducting a study that takes a look at whether UK species decided to move homes in the last decade. They analyzed government reports, social media, and scientific literature.

They came to the conclusion that the northern part of the United Kingdom has been invaded by birds and insects, 55 of the UK’s 39,000 species of animal. The Euplagia quadripunctaria known as the Jersey tiger moth found its home in London expanding beyond the Channel Islands while the Anthrax anthrax, the black bee fly, came to the UK for the first time because of the same reason.

According to the Zoological Society of London’s Nathalie Pettorelli, we will no longer recognize our nature in the future, and this should concern not only experts but the entire humanity. The species arriving in different areas where people have never seen them are not dangerous, and they should be provided green spaces.

In addition to that, she mentioned that the 55 species of animal that moved because of global warming is false and they were in fact more.

She said that because the movement is only considered if it is supported by scientific literature, but nature speaks a different language and does not write in books.

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