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Published: 0305 GMT July 21, 2019

Zarif: US modern adventurism threatening global peace

Zarif: US modern adventurism threatening global peace

FM: Bolton dragging UK into ‘quagmire’ after failing to lure Trump into war

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif slammed the United States for what he termed as America’s “modern wave of adventurism,” saying the policy is a serious threat to the global peace.

Addressing a meeting of top diplomats from the Non-Aligned Movement in Caracas, Venezuela, Zarif said Washington's modern wave of extremist, unilateral adventurism is the most significant challenge that almost all countries around the world are facing in a way or another, Press TV reported. 

Zarif made the remarks in a clear reference to a raft of tough economic sanctions imposed by the US on countries like Iran and Venezuela over the past months.

The oil-exporting countries have been deprived of much of their normal revenues as US President Donald Trump continues to press buyers around the world to cut their crude imports from the two states to zero.

Coupled with punitive economic measures against countries like China and Russia and others in the European Union, the sanctions have represented a growing inclination toward unilateralism in the White House while prompting massive criticism around the world.

Zarif said such unilateral and protectionist view to the international affairs has posed a real threat to the global peace and stability.

He said that the challenge posed by new US policies is weakening the governance of law at the international level while threatening the global peace and stability in various ways.

Zarif cited a decision by Trump in May last year to pull out of a 2015 agreement on Iran nuclear activities as a main example of Washington’s recklessness for international law.

“The US administration is defeating the Iran nuclear deal, despite the investment the whole world made to bring it about,” said Zarif, according to excerpts of remarks reported from Caracas.

“And in the process it has not only breached the relevant [UN] Security Council resolution, but also ironically sanctioned those who try to abide by it,” he added.


Dragging UK into quagmire

In a tweet, Zarif also said US national security advisor John Bolton is trying to drag the United Kingdom into a quagmire after he failed to lure US president into war with Iran.

“Having failed to lure @realDonaldTrump into War of the Century, and fearing collapse of his #B_Team, @AmbJohnBolton is turning his venom against the UK in hopes of dragging it into a quagmire,” Zarif tweeted on Sunday.

The hawkish group referred to as the “B-team” by Iran's foreign minister is comprised of Bolton, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

On Friday, Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps captured the British oil tanker, Stena Impero, for breaching international maritime law while crossing the Strait of Hormuz.

The seizure came weeks after the Gibraltar illegally seized the super tanker Grace I which was carrying Iran’s oil. 

Zarif added that under the current circumstances, “only prudence and foresight can thwart such ploys,” warning the UK against making a mistake.



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