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Published: 0234 GMT July 28, 2019

Iran condemns Bahrain’s execution of activists

Iran condemns Bahrain’s execution of activists

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Seyyed Abbas Mousavi condemned Bahrain’s execution of activists, saying that the government of the tiny Persian Gulf country is insisting on its irrational policy of suppression against the pro-democracy campaigners.

Mousavi said that Bahrain’s execution of activists, especially those from the majority Shia community, was a sign that Manama was adamant not to change its wrong path in dealing with the dissent, Press TV reported.

“The sectarian move of the Bahraini regime showed that ... (it) is still insisting on its wrong policy of suppressing the dissent,” said Mousavi, adding, “An intensification of security-policing approaches would do nothing to solve the crisis in Bahrain.”

The statement came hours after Bahrain executed three people, including two prominent Shia activists, despite objections raised by governments and rights groups around the world.

Ahmad al-Malali, 24, and Ali Hakim al-Arab, 25, were executed at Jaw prison, south of the capital Manama, on Friday after private meetings with their families.

The Human Rights Watch (HRW) had called on the Bahraini king to revoke the executions and spare the two young men from “such a cruel death.”

Amnesty International said earlier this week that Malali and Arab had been tortured in custody through electric shocks and beatings.

Reports on Saturday showed that hundreds of people had turned up for a funeral held for the two activists despite security restrictions imposed by the government on such gatherings.

Footage released on the social media showed people chanting slogans against the regime while attending the procession.

Mousavi said that the Friday executions showed that the Bahraini government had become more directly involved in trying to remove the opposition activists, compared to the past when it used to cooperate with terrorist groups to have the activists killed or harassed.



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