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Published: 0346 GMT August 13, 2019

World’s smallest painting hangs in the Sunshine Coast hinterland gallery

World’s smallest painting hangs in the Sunshine Coast hinterland gallery

A Sunshine Coast Queensland artist created the smallest oil painting in the world, and it has just been hung in a hinterland art gallery in Australia.

Painted on the end of a matchstick, the tiny picture of Dame Edna Everage has been recognized by ‘The Guinness Book of World Records,’ reported.

And you can view it at Montville Art Gallery, owned by the artist Wayne Malkin.

“The painting has been described by ‘The Guinness Book of World Records’ as ‘truly amazing,’ however, they don’t publish size records for handmade works of art,” Malkin said.

Malkin has been painting for 33 years but this 2.3mm by 2.3mm work is his first brush with puny pictures.

Inspiration struck when he was scrolling social media and saw that a Turkish artist held the record for the smallest painting.

“I saw the measurements and thought, that’s ridiculous, I can do better than that,” Malkin said.

“I decided on the head of a matchstick because it’s a measurement a lot of people can imagine. It’s also the same size as the letter U on an Australian 20-cent coin, so anyone can pull out a coin for size comparison.”

Taking two months to complete, the painting was produced by hand in traditional oil paint, using single bristles, pin points and single bamboo fibers.



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