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Published: 0223 GMT August 18, 2019

Afghan minister invites Iran’s investors for collaboration in power generation

Afghan minister invites Iran’s investors for collaboration in power generation

Afghan Minister of Water and Energy Mohammad Gul Khulmi invited Iranian private investors involved in the power industry to help boost electricity generation in Afghanistan.

Speaking to IRNA, Khulmi said his ministry supports Iranian investors’ presence in Afghanistan.

The minister added that Afghanistan is interested in making use of Iranian companies’ capabilities if they are also willing to cooperate with their eastern neighbor.

He further said his country needs energy, adding that only 40 percent of Afghan people have access to electricity.

Commenting on efforts to facilitate electricity transmission from Iran to Afghanistan, Khulmi said the move will benefit both countries as Iran has great capacities in the area.

The Afghan minister noted that his country can serve as a link between Iran and the Central Asian countries.    

On Saturday, Iran's Deputy Energy Minister Homayoun Haeri, at the head of a delegation, arrived in Kabul to hold talks with Afghan officials on power related issues.

On the same day, he reached an agreement with Aman Ghalib, the CEO of the National Power Utility of Afghanistan (DABS), to construct an electricity transmission line in Afghanistan.

They agreed that the operations to construct the 220-kilovolt line, which is expected to transfer electricity from central Nimruz Province to Zaranj, both in southwestern Afghanistan, will begin in a few days.

Speaking at a meeting with Khulmi on the same day, Haeri said Iran is interested in helping reduce losses in Afghanistan’s electricity network.

Commenting on Iran’s efforts to minimize the losses of its own electricity network, he noted that the measures taken to this end have helped reduce the losses of the country’s power grid from 18 percent to 10.43 percent.

“Efforts will continue until the amount of losses stand at less than 10 percent,” he said.

Similar measures have been taken in Iraq which is helping reduce the losses of the country’s electricity network, he said, adding that these measures can be used by countries that have power grids similar to that of Iran.

Haeri noted that connecting the power grids of Iran and Afghanistan can benefit both countries.

He noted that using the capacities it has, Afghanistan can become a big exporter of electricity, adding that connecting its grid to that of Iran would facilitate the process.

Addressing the same meeting, Khulmi said among the main preoccupations of Afghanistan is reducing the losses of its electricity network, while putting the present amount of such losses in the country’s power grid at 38 percent.

He noted that Afghanistan imports 80 percent of its electricity need.



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