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Published: 0438 GMT September 05, 2019

EU media label UK’s premiere ‘Zombie PM’ over 4th Commons defeat

EU media label UK’s premiere ‘Zombie PM’ over 4th Commons defeat

European newspapers have made a laughing stock of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s fourth Commons defeat, calling him the ‘Zombie Premiere with a kamikaze strategy’.

As the European Union’s 28 commissioners meet to agree on final plans designed to offset the effects of a no-deal Brexit, Europe’s newspapers take to name-calling and highlighting the failed strategy of the UK Prime Minister amid a series of defeats in Parliament against him, Presstv Reported.

The first of Wednesday night’s parliamentary votes “as good as finished off Johnson’s long-promised ‘do-or-die’ Halloween Brexit,” French magazine Le Monde said.

It said that Boris Johnson had now “lost control of his Brexit strategy, the calendar and even of his own camp, which is deep in internal crisis”.

Mr. Johnson suffered a humiliating defeat as parliament, including 21 members of his own party, voted to seize control of the parliamentary agenda.

The 328-301 vote, the first of Johnson's term as Prime Minister, gives lawmakers the opportunity to advance legislation blocking a no-deal Brexit and push back the Brexit deadline once again.

Italy’s Corriere della Sera said Johnson now resembled “a boxer in the corner – and he risks dragging all Britain to the mat”. His plan of a no deal Brexit to force Europe to accept his demands was “a kamikaze strategy: Brussels will not give up, so Britain continues to run towards the cliff edge.”

Meanwhile, The Guardian said the “Cornered Johnson suffers triple Commons defeat”, adding: “The prime minister was thwarted three times in the House of Commons: an attempt by opposition parties and Tory rebels to block a no-deal Brexit easily cleared its second and third readings, and Johnson later failed in his attempt to force a snap general election.”

The Netherland’s De Volkskrant newspaper said Johnson had become “a zombie prime minister”, blocked by the Commons both from maintaining a no-deal Brexit as well as from holding elections on 15 October, and facing an increasingly rebellious party.

It is no secret that EU leaders cannot stand Boris Johnson, who they believe wants the UK to crash out without a deal. At present the EU is standing firm in its position that the Brexit withdrawal agreement, reached with Theresa May, cannot be renegotiated unless credible concrete proposals are presented by Johnson.

However, as Johnson becomes the only British PM ever to lose his first three Commons votes as MPs vetoed his risky no-deal strategy, and as more Tories switch to the opposition, the EU's 508 million citizens are waiting to see what happens next.



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