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Published: 0644 GMT September 12, 2019

Climate change is real, EU tells Trump

Climate change is real, EU tells Trump

Last July was the hottest month ever recorded and throughout the summer hundreds of climate change protests took place around the world. Most of the anger has been directed towards Donald Trump for refusing to acknowledge that man made climate change is real.

In Brussels, the European Commission has just launched its plan for the 2019 UN Climate Action Summit due to take place in New York this September, Presstv Reported.

The EU says it plans to become so called 'climate neutral' by the year 2050. However, the US and China currently emit as much CO2 at the rest of the world combined. Trump says he is reviving the US coal industry in order to create jobs. Experts claim the EU should be applying more pressure on the controversial US president to change his ways. 

Activists say Trump is not only damaging the world's environment through direct practices in the US, there is also a knock-on effect whereby other nations say what's the point in us taking action if the world's second largest polluter, after China, is doing nothing. 

Under Donald Trump, when it comes to climate change and a string of other global issues, many analysts say one word can sum up the current position of the United States on the world stage isolated.



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