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Published: 0343 GMT September 13, 2019

Media express shock at the UK Government’s Operation Yellowhammer report

Media express shock at the UK Government’s Operation Yellowhammer report

The media have come out to express outrage at the UK Government’s proposals in the Yellowhammer contingency plan – a worst-case Brexit scenario consisting of dire economic circumstances for many people and businesses.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his cabinet are once again in the spotlight and under further pressure after Wednesday’s release of the Yellowhammer report, as they push a doomsday scenario of a no-deal Brexit, that could entail a marked increase in food shortages and disruption in vital medical supplies to the UK, Presstv Reported.

“Critically, it has to be understood that although the government is aware of a large number of potential impacts and is currently working to mitigate them, there will be issues, unanticipated impacts that arise, or the impacts of which have not been fully understood,” the Yellowhammer report stated.

Boris Johnson’s cabinet reluctantly released the controversial report after months in which they had fought to keep it secret.

The British daily, The Guardian, lamented Mr. Johnson’s ministers for taking extraordinary measures to “hide such warnings from parliament and the public”.

“But it remains extremely disturbing that members of the prime minister’s immediate circle apparently believed, as recently as last weekend, that riots and shortages could be features of the near-future for which he is readying the country,” The Guardian wrote.

Meanwhile, an analysis of the Yellowhammer dossier by the BBC said that “these are the real, plausible short-term shocks from a no-deal Brexit… The section on Northern Ireland is particularly concerning. It is not difficult to see why the government resisted its release. It is unlikely to improve the mood of an already sceptical Commons.”

Activist groups also weighed in, with chief executive of Best for Britain, Naomi Smith, saying the documents were “terrifying”.

And the British Medical Association described Operation Yellowhammer as “alarming”, while confirming its warnings about no-deal – including the threat of medical supply shortages.

In the event of an exit with no-deal, the UK's unilateral departure from the EU could disrupt financial transfers, movement of people, trade, customs and other regulations.

The Government, however, has attempted to push off the importance of the Yellowhammer documents, with Business Minister, Kwasi Kwarteng, dismissing them as "scaremongering", while Michael Gove - the Cabinet Minister responsible for no-deal planning - insisted Yellowhammer represented a “worst-case scenario”.



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