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Published: 0242 GMT September 17, 2019

UK court turns down US bid for anti-Iran ruling: Official

UK court turns down US bid for anti-Iran ruling: Official

Iran's Ambassador to London, Hamid Baeidinejad said Tuesday that the UK Supreme Court had rejected a lawsuit filed by the United States against the Islamic Republic and ruled that US court verdicts could not be pursued in Britain, according to IRNA.

“After seven years, the UK Supreme Court rejected US lawyers’ request for a ruling that Iran should pay at least $512 million to compensate for US military casualties at the Saudi Khobar base (the Heiser Case),” Baeidinejad said on his Twitter account.

“The UK Supreme Court’s ruling thus precludes the possibility of US lawyers’ new lawsuits (filed in British courts) against Iran,” he noted.

Referring to a recent ruling by a Canadian court to sell Iran’s properties in the North American country, Baeidinejad went on to say that the latest ruling by the British court showed how the US and Canada continue to violate the most basic international regulations.

Canada gifted some $30 million worth of Iranian assets to the victims of terrorist attacks in which Iran has strongly refuted any involvement.

The victims have received their share of the money earned through the sale of two Iranian-owned buildings in Ottawa and Toronto, according to a document filed in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in August.

The recipients include several American families who had filed claims in the Ontario and Nova Scotia courts, seeking a share of Iran’s assets seized by the Canadian government.

The attacks were mostly blamed on Palestinian and Lebanese resistance movements Hamas and Hezbollah. The families claimed that the Iranian government supported the two organizations and was therefore responsible for their actions.







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