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Published: 0328 GMT September 29, 2019

Yemen's footage shows major attack on Saudi border frontline

Yemen's footage shows major attack on Saudi border frontline

Yemen’s Houthi movement broadcast footage on Sunday that it said showed a major attack near the border with Saudi Arabia’s southern region of Najran, adding that its forces had captured troops and vehicles.

Houthi-run Al-Masirah TV aired images of armored vehicles hit by blasts and what the Houthis said were dozens of surrendering forces. Two of those men, speaking to the camera, said they were from Saudi Arabia.

The Houthi military spokesman said the offensive 72 hours earlier had defeated three “enemy military brigades”, leading to the capture of “thousands” of enemy troops, including Saudi Army officers and soldiers, and hundreds of armored vehicles.

The spokesman, Yahya Saria, did not give a day for when the footage was filmed.

Saree termed the operation, dubbed Victory from God Almighty, as the biggest ever since Saudi Arabia and some of its allies embarked on a military campaign on Yemen more than four years ago.

The footage released by Yemeni forces starts with a description of the geographic location of the operational theater, showing Yemeni forces firing shells at the positions of Saudi forces and Saudi-sponsored Yemeni militiamen loyal to Yemen's former pro-Saudi president.

It then shows Saudi soldiers and their mercenaries fleeing the area on board pickup trucks and armored personnel carriers. Yemeni soldiers and allied fighters from Popular Committees do not hesitate to target the fleeing Saudi forces and mercenaries, setting a number of their military vehicles ablaze.

The video then shows several armored vehicles overturned, and dozens of Saudi troopers surrendering to Yemeni forces with both their hands raised in air.

There were dozens of bodies strewn everywhere.

In another part of the video, Saudi military aircraft are seen hovering in the skies over the area, firing a barrage of missiles.

The spokesman for Yemeni Armed Forces highlighted that almost 200 Saudi troops lost their lives as a result of the operation in Najran.

The footage concluded with showing considerable amounts of various munitions and weapons, including assault rifles and cartridge boxes, seized from Saudi soldiers and their mercenaries.

Saudi Arabia, which leads a coalition that has been carrying out air raids against Yemen since March 2015, has not responded to Saturday’s Houthi announcement that they had conducted the attack.

The Houthis, who had recently stepped up missile and drone attacks on Saudi cities, have claimed responsibility for the largest-ever attack on Saudi oil facilities on Sept. 14.

Riyadh dismissed the claim, saying the assault did not come from Yemen and blamed Iran. Tehran denies this.

The Houthis said on Sept. 20 they would halt missile and drone attacks on Saudi Arabia if the alliance stopped its operations. The coalition has not responded to the proposal.

Reuters and Press TV contributed to this story.



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