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Published: 1219 GMT October 05, 2019

Top dermatologist reveals what your skin problems say about health

Top dermatologist reveals what your skin problems say about health

Most of us have bad skin at times — but what do those fine lines and blemishes say about our health?

Dr. Timm Golueke, a dermatologist at the newly-opened Urban Retreat, in London, revealed that certain skin problems can be a massive giveaway as to how you're feeling both mentally and physically, wrote.

He revealed that stress can show up as pimples around your mouth, while hormonal imbalances can cause acne round your jawline on your neck.

Meanwhile, anxiety can cause the muscles around the jaw to work harder and cause fine lines.

Speaking exclusively to Femail, he has revealed how to identify what's causing your issues, so that you can banish them for good.




When you're stressed this mainly shows up with pimples, called perioral dermatitis, on your chin or around the mouth.

“It can be any sort of stress that causes it, and lack of sleep or worrying about it can make it worse — they come and go but the skin is never completely clear,” Golueke revealed.

The first cure for this is to try and figure out where this stress has come from and to also look at your skin care routine.

People then often try and over treat that area — using different creams and start to over cleanse the area — this will just make it worse.

“Try and eradicate this stress or try and see if there any lifestyle change you can make to reduce the stress.

“Also — strip back your skin care routine and use a very light cream — and you should see some improvements in the next couple of weeks. Take yourself out of the ‘over treatment’ circle — and be patient.'



Golueke said that he can normally spot anxieties around the jawline.  

“Anxieties effect how you mimic muscles round your jawline. I can see if the smile isn't real or is from deep inside. If it is being forced and is less defined at the jawline, especially around the corners of the mouth, it can really show.

“This muscle is called the depressor anguli oris (triangularis) — a facial muscle associated with frowning.

“If you are full of anxieties and sadness this muscle will be much more over used as you're forcing it — therefore causing fine lines to appear around this area.”


Run down


Puffy or dark circles are a massive giveaway that you're run down or tired and need more down time or sleep, Golueke said.

“Lack of sleep can cause big eye problem — and will show up as dark circles. Dark circles can be genetic, if you tend to have them anyway they can get worse when you're run down.

“However most people can suffer from them — even if you're not prone to them genetically.

“If you want to mimic the signs of less tired then hydrating the skin and making sure you prep it well, if you know you are going to have a busy week, is key.”

“There are three key ingredients to help your skin repair itself. Hylarounic acid is a big part of it as it hydrates the skin, while anti-oxidants (vitamin C and E) are also important, especially if you live in a city.

“They're important as pollution leads to free radicals and that leads to a turn down of collagen — anti-oxidants neutralizes those free radicals. Retinol (vitamin A) is also important as it's exfoliating and also helps to produce new collagen in our skin.'


Poor diet


A bad diet can result in black heads around the cheek areas, but detoxing can make it worse.  

“The big food groups which are proven to show up these impurities are diary and sugar — they will show up as black heads and oily skin.”

“This will show up on our cheeks — as this is where we have the most sebaceous glands.”

“However be careful when you detox, or start dieting, as a change in diet can also effect our hormones and is again another main reason we get impurities.”


Hormone imbalance


“Hormonal imbalance normally occurs when there's changes in our body, such as when you're menstruating or during pregnancy. 

“If your hormones are not in balance then the sebaceous glands won't be working as they should — leaving yours skin dryer. Your skin will glow less and the color of your skin can change.”

But Golueke said that the most important factor is to find the right skin care to correct this — that matches your skin type. While products shouldn't be over used.

“Don’t buy ten new products at once, just buy one, see if your skin reacts well to it — you don’t have to use 15 different products on top of each other." 

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