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Published: 0415 GMT October 06, 2019

Iran filing action against US over cyber strikes: Official

Iran filing action against US over cyber strikes: Official

The head of Iran’s Civil Defense Organization said Iranian judicial and diplomatic bodies have taken court action against the United States for its cyberattacks and threats against the Islamic Republic.

In an interview with Tasnim, Brigadier General Gholam-Reza Jalali said the US has made cyber threats and launched such attacks against the country on different occasions.

The US should be held legally accountable for its anti-Iran moves, the general said, adding that the judicial system and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs were seriously pursuing those cases.

Jalali also highlighted the preparatory work his organization has done to boost Iran’s cyber defense capabilities, saying more than 120 drills have been held over the past 6 months, with around 70 percent of which exercising tactics to counter cyberattacks against the energy sector, including oil refineries, petrochemical plants, and gas and petroleum transport installations.

In 2010, Iran discovered Stuxnet, which is widely believed to have been developed by the United States and Israel to attack a uranium enrichment facility at Natanz nuclear site in central Iran.

Last month, American media reports said the US was considering possible cyberattacks against Iran after the September 14 attacks on Saudi oil sites, which Washington was quick to blame on Iran without providing evidence.

Jalali said, "Our task is to enhance our cyber defense preparations in the energy and other critical areas," Press TV reported.

The official said his office has been upgrading its preparations through special drills held periodically, in which emergency response teams identify and fix weaknesses and security holes in simulated cyberattacks.

"In the last six months, we have had almost 120 drills and tests, about 70% of which were in the energy field, controlling all refinery, petrochemical, gas, transfer, central and control systems and resolving almost all weaknesses," Jalali said.

Last month, the Ministry of Petroleum's news agency Shana said Iran had launched an inspection of security at its key Persian Gulf oil and gas facilities, including preparedness for cyberattacks, following reports of the US weighing possible cyberattacks.

"Our enemies consider the cyber domain as one of the main areas of threat against nations, especially Iran,” Jalali said then, calling for security at industrial installations to be beefed up.

NetBlocks, an organization that monitors Internet connectivity, reported “intermittent disruptions” to some internet services in Iran at the time, but officials denied there had been a successful attack on petrochemical and other companies.

Iran's university scientists have developed and successfully tested a firewall for industrial automation systems to neutralize industrial sabotage such as that caused by Stuxnet in power networks, Communications Minister Mohammad Javad Azari-Jahromi said in May.

Last year, the minister said a Stuxnet attack launched by Israel had failed to harm Iran’s communications infrastructure.


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