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Published: 0507 GMT October 13, 2019

Arch-Brexiteer supports Johnson's bid to secure 'compromise' deal

Arch-Brexiteer supports Johnson's bid to secure 'compromise' deal

As Brexit talks approach their endpoint there are strong signs of a potential breakthrough, as demonstrated by the softening position of leading Brexiteers.

The Tory MP, Jacob Rees-Mogg, who is widely seen as one of the leading ideologues of Brexit, has said that “compromise” is inevitable in Brexit talks, Presstv Reported.

Rees-Mogg, who is the leader of the House of Commons, appeared to be backing Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s negotiation strategy by saying that as a “Leaver” he can be “trusted” to deliver on Brexit.

Writing in the Sunday Telegraph, Rees-Mogg described the PM in the following positive terms: “He wants to take back control and has dedicated his political career to this noble cause. If he thinks the ship of state is worth an extra ha’porth of tar he deserves support”.

Rees-Mogg’s latest intervention is important as it indicates that the PM continues to enjoy the support of hardline Brexiteers even as he softens his negotiation approach with a view to securing a compromise deal with European Union (EU) chiefs.

The next week is set to determine whether the UK can exit the EU in an orderly manner by the scheduled deadline of October 31.

The two-day EU summit in Brussels, which begins on Thursday 17 October, is believed to be the last chance for a Brexit deal before the deadline.

If the PM secures an agreement in Brussels then the House of Commons will convene on Saturday 19 October to vote on the proposed deal.



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