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Published: 0138 GMT October 15, 2019

Brexit, the last chance

Brexit, the last chance

By Hossein Ziaee *

On 17th and 18th of October, during a summit of European states, the European Council will meet to discuss a number of important issues, including Brexit. They will unveil the entangled fate of Brexit and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

This is while European leaders, especially German Chancellor Angela Merkel, during their recent talks with Johnson, have described the implementation of Brexit based on the British premier’s plan as “unfeasible.”

In the midst of this episode, Merkel’s adamant position in safeguarding the stability and authority of the European Union, and refraining from offering London any privilege for either remaining or leaving the 28-nation bloc, is seen as one of the key reasons behind the repeated downfall of the British governments over the past couple of years.

Apparently, after former UK prime ministers, David Cameron and Theresa May, it is now Boris Johnson’s turn to fall victim to the country’s exit plan from the EU.

Last year, during a speech in Parliament, Merkel told May, in a memorable phrase regarding the UK’s abnormal ambitions that Britain is under an illusion when it comes to the implementation of Brexit.

May, for her part, made reference to Merkel’s speech and pointed to the integrity of the 28-nation bloc, saying the execution of Brexit was really tough – a subject matter which led to her government’s downfall.

Currently, the new position of Merkel and the EU against Johnson confirms a new round of confrontation between the European Union and Britain’s overambitious attitude.

In other words, London, which still views the world through its 20th century spectacles and sees itself as a major power, needs to choose between protecting the last vestiges of its power by remaining in the EU, or the collapse of its international standing by exiting the European bloc.

This is while Britain cunningly pursues its own interests and seeks both the EU’s politico-economic benefits and departure from the union.

On the other side, the failure to determine the fate of the border between Northern Ireland (UK member) and the Republic of Ireland (EU member) has converted into a sensitive and chaotic issue between London and Brussels.

Eventually, Boris Johnson will face an exacerbation of the current political and economic crisis in the UK, whether or not his country leaves the EU with or without a deal – a crisis which would include his departure from No. 10, Downing Street.


*Hossein Ziaee is an Iranian journalist.


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