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Published: 0411 GMT October 19, 2019

UAE, Saudi changing approach towards Iran: Official

UAE, Saudi changing approach towards Iran: Official

Saudi Arabia and the UAE have changed their approach towards the Islamic Republic, said Chief of Staff of Iranian President Mahmoud Vaezi, adding that the United Arab Emirates has recently made efforts to get in touch with Iran.

“International conditions have changed to the benefit of Iran,” Vaezi said, stressing that the Islamic Republic has clearly stated its policies from the beginning and is ready for good and close relations with all its neighbors, IFP reported.

In a meeting in Semnan Province, Vaezi reiterated that despite some policies by the neighboring countries, Tehran knew that they would get closer to Iran.

“Today ties with the UAE have slowly changed and the Saudis have gradually distanced themselves from hostile approach and rhetoric, and are using more friendly rhetoric.”

Vaezi further asserted that relations with all Islamic countries is the main policy of the Islamic Republic in this section. Iran has expressed interest in good relations with its neighbors, stressing that Tehran will boost ties with Muslim countries and Asian states in the next steps.

“These countries moved step by step, realizing that the Americans were just eyeing their money. We all saw that the Americans were not helping them in what was happening in the region. The US support for them was limited to one or two tweets, so they need to know that at the end of the day, the countries of the region must live together,” highlighted Vaezi.

Acknowledging that the Islamic Republic is facing the most severe sanctions in history, he said the Americans imposed sanctions with the aim of forcing the Islamic Republic to give up after two or three months.

He called Washington’s ‘cruel’ embargoes as some of the most unprecedented sanctions against another country, mentioning that it is unprecedented for one country to become a major concern for another country’s president.

“They used all their political and economic means to bring our oil sales down to zero, and thus waged a full-blown economic propaganda and psychological war against our country.”

Vaezi also emphasized that the Israeli regime and some regional countries joined the US, but these regional countries are regretful now.


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