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Published: 0333 GMT October 21, 2019

Bangladesh police under fire for killing four protesters

Bangladesh police under fire for killing four protesters
Muslim demonstrators chant slogans as they take part in a protest in Dhaka, Bangladesh, on October 21, 2019.

Police in Bangladesh came in the crosshairs of thousands of protesters, a day after at least four people were killed when law enforcement agents fired on crowds angry with a Facebook post offensive to Muslims.

The deaths sparked a new round of protests on Monday, according to Press TV.

In the capital, Dhaka, as well as several other cities, Muslims called for the trial of the officers involved.

“This is not acceptable. Police have illegally and unconstitutionally opened fire on the protesters,” Mahmudul Hasan, a protester, said at a rally in Dhaka. “It is an extrajudicial killing. We seek justice.”

Sarkar Mohammad Kaisar, the superintendent of police, said security forces fired “blank shots” in self-defense after some of the protesters threw rocks at officers.  He also said about a dozen policemen were among the injured.

On the country's largest island of Bhola, about 20,000 Muslims demonstrated for the execution of a young Hindu man charged with inciting religious tension through online messages.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, who has called for calm, has said the Facebook account of the man had been hacked and used to “spread lies.”

“We saw rumors are being spread in Facebook to create an environment of anarchy. Who are they? What is their intention?" Hasina said in a speech to her political party members. “I asked our countrymen to have patience. And those who want to fish in troubled waters, we will find them and take action against them.”

Following a complaint by the Facebook account holder, police detained three people for allegedly hacking the account.


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