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Published: 0348 GMT October 22, 2019

Agricultural exports bring in close to $2b in five months: Official

Agricultural exports bring in close to $2b in five months: Official

Iran exported 2.5 million tons of agricultural crops and foodstuff worth $1.95 billion during March 21-August 22, 2019, announced an Iranian deputy minister.

Abdolmahdi Bakhshandeh, the deputy Agriculture Jihad minister for planning and economic affairs, added that in the period, exports by the agriculture sector accounted for 10.97 percent of the country’s total non-oil overseas sales, IRNA reported.

He listed Iran’s export destinations for that duration as Iraq, Afghanistan, the UAE, Pakistan, Russia, India, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Germany and a number of East Asian states.

The deputy minister also put Iran’s imports of agricultural products and foodstuff in the same five-month time span at 10.04 million tons valued at $5.62 billion, adding the country’s imports of such products in the same period constituted 31.71 percent of its non-oil imports.

He said, weight-wise, Iran’s five major agricultural products exported in the same time span were kitchen garden crops (739,000 tons), processed and fresh tomato (319,000 tons), onion and Persian shallot (110,000 tons), apple (61,000 tons) and date (20,000 tons).

Bakhshandeh further noted that in terms of value, top export items in this duration were dairy products ($250 million), kitchen garden crops ($233 million) pistachios ($178 million) and fresh and processed tomatoes ($190 million).

Commenting on the revenue generated by each subgroup of the country’s agricultural products and foodstuff exports in the same five-month period to August 22, 2019, he said the subgroups of agricultural crops (1.82 million tons), vegetables (813,000 tons) and horticultural products (375,000 tons) produced $908 million, $435 million and $614 million in revenue, respectively.

The deputy minister pointed out that in this period, Iran sold 61,000 tons of potato worth $41 million and 21,000 tons of medicinal plants valued at $15 million in foreign markets.

“Overseas sales of onion and Persian shallot in the same duration brought in $69 million in revenue.”

He listed some of Iran’s horticultural crops exported in the same five months as saffron (74 tons) and grape (31,000 tons) which yielded $78 million and $41 million, respectively.

“In addition, Iran exported 20,000 tons of pistachio and apple valued at $36 million to other countries in the same period.”

Turning to Iran’s overseas sales of poultry and livestock products in this time span, he said the country exported 262,000 tons of such items, generating $350 million.

“Among Iran’s 250,000-ton exports of dairy products in the same period were cheese and curd (33,000 tons), milk and crème (42,000 tons), ice cream (22,000 tons) and yogurt (94,000 tons) worth $68 million, $56 million, $56 million and $55 million, respectively.”

He put the value of the country’s overseas sales of eggs (17,000 tons), chicken meat (18,000 tons) and tea (2,000 tons) over the course of the same period at $29 million, $19 million and $2 million, respectively.


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