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Published: 0347 GMT November 10, 2019

IWPF: Poverty, injustice main consequences of scientific apartheid

IWPF: Poverty, injustice main consequences of scientific apartheid

By Sadeq Dehqan

The scientific apartheid created by some world powers has led to many negative consequences including the rise in poverty and injustice in human societies, said the secretary general of the Islamic World Peace Forum (IWPF).

Scientific apartheid deprives countries of having equal opportunities for accelerating their development, Davoud Ameri added, during an exclusive interview with Iran Daily on the sidelines of the Conference on Scientific Apartheid, Peace, Justice and Global Security in Tehran on Sunday.

He described scientific injustice as a main obstacle to promoting justice and ensuring security in the world.

At present, scientific apartheid has turned into a tool in the hands of major world powers and economic agencies for plundering other countries’ resources, Ameri said.

“Today, the only way to lead the world to the path of development is through paying greater attention to promoting scientific justice.”

He said scientific sanctions are among the obvious examples of injustice, adding that at present, major world powers have imposed numerous sanctions on certain countries including Iran, to guarantee greater profits for themselves, limit other states and dominate them.

Ameri stressed that scientific apartheid and injustice in scientific fields also impede establishment of peace in the world.

Iran is among the victims of scientific apartheid, he said, noting that, “Our country is currently under US scientific sanctions, which have negatively impacted our relations with the world’s scientific centers.”

Despite the limitations, they have imposed on the country, these sanctions have, however, “caused us to pay greater attention to our domestic capacities and currently rank among the world’s advanced and top states in scientific areas,” he said.

Speaking at the same conference, Mojtaba Zolnouri, the head of the Iranian Parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Committee, said among the main disasters befalling the world at present are apartheid and discrimination in various areas.

“If we analyze the hierarchy of power, we see that discrimination and injustice are quite evident within it.”

He added that all tools of promoting unilateralism are currently at the disposal of the ruling power that has dominated the world.

“Today, those countries that are not willing to turn into tools in the hands of the hegemonic system or assimilate into it, will suffer under its apartheid.”



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