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Published: 0241 GMT November 11, 2019

Group painting exhibition ‘Sublimation’ to go on display

Group painting exhibition ‘Sublimation’ to go on display

A group painting exhibition titled ‘Sublimation’, curated by Ramin Saeidian, will open on November 15, at Aliha Art Gallery in Tehran.

The exhibition will run through November 26, but it is closed on Saturdays.

In ‘Sublimation’, Saeidian re-reads the notion of sublimity which comes from the well-known Austrian neurologist and psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud.  Freud believed that all kinds of human activities, especially those of an artistic nature, are manifestations of internal impulses that have deviated from the norm in society. 

Saeidian has a master’s degree in art research.  His research focuses on visual semiotics and theoretical studies of modern semiotics, which means the study of signs and symbols and their use or interpretation.

He wrote in the exhibition statement, “Every human being is at least two individuals. So we have two authors and two audiences who are conscious and unconscious. The conscious author draws, takes advantage of his knowledge in art. The unconscious author changes his drawings and uses them in bohemian meanings and brings up unknown symbols.  Members of the audience see the artwork, but his or her mind is elsewhere. Today some unconscious tricks apply consciously, but one should not assume that the unconscious is no longer effective, the subconscious hides its positions and moves to more unfamiliar and remote areas. ”

The exhibition features artworks of eight people including Mina Akhavan, Mina Ja’fari, Zahra Zein’ali, Pegah Salimi, Mohammad-Ali Famuri, Reza Famori, Shirin Karami-Mofrad and Saeideh Mohammadi-Panah.



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