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Published: 0339 GMT November 18, 2019

Late Russian photographer’s book on Iran unveiled in Tbilisi

Late Russian photographer’s book on Iran unveiled in Tbilisi

The late Russian photographer Dmitri Ivanovich Yermakov’s book titled ‘Dmitri Yermakov in Iran’ was unveiled in a ceremony in the presence of several Iranologists, artists, photographers, professors, and academicians in Tbilisi History Museum (Georgian National Museum).

According to Iranian cultural attaché office in Georgia, Chief Curator of Oriental Collections in Georgian National Museum Irina Koshoridze highlighted the longstanding relations between Iran and Georgia, saying there are many Iranian works being displayed in Georgian museums, IRNA wrote.

She underlined the importance of identifying, introducing, and preserving these works in the context of cultural cooperation between Iran and Georgia.

Koshoridze described publishing Islamic artworks in Georgia by Georgian National Museum as a priority of cooperation between the two countries. 

Iranian cultural attaché in Georgia, Hamid Mostafavi, pointed to historical and cultural amity between the two countries, saying museums can help develop cultural interactions by introducing cultural heritages of one another.

He referred to ‘Dmitri Yermakov in Iran’ book as an effective step in realizing international function of Georgian museums and as a good measure to develop cultural relations between Iran and Georgia and help the Georgian people get acquainted with Iranian culture and civilization.

In the meantime, Ahmad Chaichi, a faculty member of Research Institute of Cultural Heritage and Tourism, said the photographic works in the Georgian museums and those published in this book are regarded as an important source of research on Iranian historical, anthropological, and cultural heritage.

The 153-page book has been published in English and Georgian languages.

Dmitri Ivanovich Yermakov (November 10, 1846-1916) was a Russian photographer known for his series of the Caucasian photographs.


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