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Published: 0345 GMT November 25, 2019

Kazakhstan ambassador holds press-briefing on Tokayev’s Address to the Nation

Kazakhstan ambassador holds press-briefing on Tokayev’s Address to the Nation

Kazakhstan Ambassador Askhat Orazbay to Iran said that I am glad to welcome you at our Embassy and thank you for joining press-briefing on the Address to the Nation of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev titled “Constructive public dialogue – the basis of stability and prosperity of Kazakhstan” which was delivered on September 2, 2019 during the joint meeting of both Chambers of our Parliament.

As you may know, important political changes took place in Kazakhstan this year. The First President Nursultan Nazarbayev voluntarily resigned and on June 9 this year Kassym-Jomart Tokayev was elected as a new President of Kazakhstan. Through peaceful transit of power in Kazakhstan, the continuity of the state policy was ensured.

The Head of State put forward new initiatives in his Address, aimed at strengthening the democracy base, improving social welfare of the people, enhancing unity and accord in the Kazakh Society, ensuring further development of the economy, increasing effectiveness of the state administration system.

The main priority for all Kazakhstan state bodies has been defined prompt reaction on the people’s need, openness and social dialogue. 

Thus, in order to ensure transformation of Kazakhstan in a modern effective state the Government will maintain and strengthen civil society to involve it in the discussion of the most urgent national tasks.

For this purpose the National Council of Public Trust has been created in Kazakhstan.

There will be also continued the process of party building and effective citizen feedback will be observed. For that purpose a separate department has been established at the Presidential Administration which will monitor the quality of reviewing citizens’ requests by state bodies and take prompt measures on them.

It is also decided that by 2024 the number of civil servants and employees of national companies should be reduced by 25 percent.

The legislation on rallies will be improved. 

To strengthen the public consensus interethnic accord and interfaith mutual understanding will continue to be consolidated. 

The Government will keep providing conditions for the development of languages and cultures of all ethnic groups of our country.

Therefore, the Concept of Civil Society Development until 2025 will be adopted in the near future.

Tremendous efforts will be also put for ensuring rights and security of citizens. Namely, the judicial and law enforcement systems will be significantly reformed; administrative justice as a special dispute resolution mechanism will be introduced; penalties for sexual violence, paedophilia, drug trafficking, human trafficking, domestic violence against women and other grave crimes against the individual, especially against children will be tightened; legislation against poaching will be enforced; Law enforcement, Police and Military systems will be reformed.

In order to reach 5-percent of economic growth by 2025 the Government is tasked to ensure developed and inclusive economy.

For that, the raw material-based mentality will be abandoned and the economy will be diversified.

Along with that returns from the quasi-public sector will be increased.

The Government will also move on with development of effective small and medium sized businesses which are a solid foundation for the prosperity of cities and villages.

Support will be provided for national businesses in international markets.

Another objective is developing agricultural industry.

In order to do that the amount of irrigated land will be increased to

3 million hectares by 2030. This will ensure growth in agricultural production by 4.5 times.

It is firmly decided that the land will not be sold to foreigners.

Funding of state programs in agriculture will be significantly increased.   

Besides those measures, steps for modernization of tax system and improvement of financial regulation will be undertaken.

The Government is also strictly instructed to increase effectiveness of usage of the National Fund which will be allocated only for the implementation of programmes and projects aimed at the formation of a competitive economy as well as to issue incentives for employers to increase wages. 

Since the social modernisation has been determined as another priority, the social sphere will focus on the following areas:

-        improving the quality of education;

-        support for the institution of family and childhood, the creation of an inclusive society;

-        ensuring the quality and accessibility of medical services;

-        support for those who work in culture and the arts;

-        further development of the social support system.

The President in his Address also underlined that strong region would be defined by strong country.

In this area, we will focus on the following tasks:

-        improving the efficiency of local authorities;

-        reform of the system of interbudgetary relations;

-        managed urbanisation and a unified housing policy; 

-        infrastructure development.

This is a brief overview of the Address of our President which

I wanted to share with you today. More detailed information can be taken from the full text of the Address which we have prepared for you. And, of course, any of your feedbacks or opinions will be very much welcomed.

Since we are gathered today on almost the eve of the celebration of our First President’s Day which is on December 1,

I also would like to inform you about Kazakhstan’s major achievements made under his leadership.

Most importantly, Kazakhstan has managed to successfully conduct delimitation of its borders and therefore no longer has any disputed territories with its neighbours. 

We shut down one of the biggest at that time Nuclear test site known as Semipalatinsk Polygon which used to have the 4th largest nuclear arsenal.

Despite economic difficulties Kazakhstan has managed to build a new capital – Nur-Sultan city from almost a scratch which in a short time has developed into a major center of international cooperation in Eurasia.

Being a home for different ethnic groups Kazakhstan was able to create its own unique model of development based on interethnic accord and interfaith harmony. Today 130 various ethnicities peacefully live and coexist in our country.  

Within 28 years of our Independence we have managed to increase 18-fold the GDP of our country which now stands at around 170 billion of USD.

Kazakhstan attracted more than 300 billion of USD of Foreign Direct Investments.

We managed to increase a share of small and medium business in our economy up to 27 percent of our GDP. It has allowed Kazakhstan to be ranked 25th in the World Bank’s Doing Business Index.

Kazakhstan successfully completed its mission as a

Non-permanent member of UN Security Council.

Our country hosted many important international events such as EXPO-2017, the OIC Summit on Science and Technology,

the OSCE Summit in 2010 and many others. Our capital has become a well known dialogue platform for Syrian Talks and Congress of the Leaders of World and Traditional Religions.

Our country was an initiator for the Universal Declaration on establishing a nuclear weapon free world which was adopted by the UN General Assembly. Together with our Central Asian neighbours we created a Zone free from nuclear weapons. 

So, as you see, under the leadership of our First President Nursultan Nazarbayev Kazakhstan has achieved very impressive results.

As a new President of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has announced three main principles of his presidency – continuity, justice and progress which will definitely lead to further progress and prosperity.

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