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Published: 0257 GMT November 27, 2019

Treasure trove of coins from Russia’s last tsar unearthed in Moscow

Treasure trove of coins from Russia’s last tsar unearthed in Moscow

A chest containing 60 coins believed to have been in circulation in the 19th and 20th centuries was discovered in the basement of a dilapidated building, Russia’s state news agency TASS reports.

The find is estimated to be worth up to one million rubles, or £2,200. The discovery in the downtown area of Moscow marks one of the most valuable archeological findings in the city this year. 

Tsar Nicholas II was the country’s last emperor, from November 1894 until March 1917, when he was forced to abdicate. 

Nicholas and his family – Tsarina Alexandra, Grand Duchess Olga, Grand Duchess Tatiana, Grand Duchess Maria, Grand Duchess Anastasia and Tsarevich Alexei – were brutally executed by the Bolsheviks in 1918.

In the Russian Orthodox Church he is known as Saint Nicholas the Passion-Bearer but many historians paint him as a weak leader. 

Alexei Yemelyanov, head of the Department of Moscow’s Cultural Heritage, said the trove was found on a quiet street to the northeast of the city center, which is close to the building housing the department of the military. 

“The most important discovery of the year is a huge treasure of coins dating back to the era of Nicholas II on Kostyansky Lane,” he said.

“In early July, archaeologists found about 60 coins depicting a face value of five and 10 rubles. The money dates back to the late 19th century – early 20th century.” 

Moscow City Hall said on its website that the money was contained in a tin box. 

Russia’s capital has a population of 11.9 million. 

Experts believe the trove may have been stored there during the Russian Revolution (March–November 1917) or the Russian Civil War (November 1917–October 1922). 



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