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Published: 0352 GMT November 29, 2019

O’Brien should learn from Bolton’s foreign policy mistakes

O’Brien should learn from Bolton’s foreign policy mistakes

By Hossein Ziaee*

Robert O’Brien, who has replaced John R. Bolton as the national security adviser to US President Donald Trump, has demanded that Germany impose the strictest economic sanctions on Iran.

Speaking in an interview with German newspaper ‘Bild’ published on November 27, O’Brien said, “What would be constructive for Germany to do is to impose massive sanctions on Iran and join the US in the maximum pressure campaign” against Tehran.

He added, “It’s surprising that Germany is so interested in doing business with Iran,” adding the new nuclear deal with Tehran should address the country’s ballistic-missile technology, nuclear technology, human rights situation and influence in the region.

He also called on Germany to stop its cooperation with Huawei, describing the Chinese company as the representative of the Communist Party of China in the world.

O’Brien’s imperious and insulting remarks in his address to the German government are, more than anything else, indicative of the White House’s failed foreign policy toward Iran.

The remarks by O’Brien, who served as Trump’s special envoy for hostage affairs for 15 months, comes as the continuation of the White House’s imperious unilateralism against its allies and enemies is the main root of most of the crises the world is currently facing, the violence from which the international community is suffering, and the destruction that is befalling the international order.

The call on the German government to pursue Trump’s policies, in political and economic fields, against Iran comes as even prior to the imposition of the new round of Washington’s unilateral sanctions on Tehran, Germany had suspended a major part of its banking and economic relations with the Islamic Republic.

Currently, the Islamic Republic of Iran finds itself, more than ever, prepared for protecting its national interests against the US as it has managed to bear the heavy costs of Washington’s unilateral sanctions and survive their severe consequences.

Thus, instead of unleashing his intense political emotions against Iran and Germany, O’Brien should take a good look at the causes of his predecessor’s failure and increase his knowledge of the world’s existing political realities prior to taking the helm as the US national security adviser.

* Hossein Ziaee is a freelance Iranian journalist.



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