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Published: 0530 GMT December 09, 2019

Ankara deports 11 French Daesh suspects: Turkish Interior Ministry

Ankara deports 11 French Daesh suspects: Turkish Interior Ministry

Turkey has deported 11 French nationals with suspected links to the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group back to France as part of a plan to expel foreign terrorists.

Turkey's Interior Ministry made the announcement on Monday without giving any further details.

According to diplomatic sources, the 11 included four women and seven children, Presstv Reported, Presstv Reported.

France's Center for Analysis of Terrorism said one of the deported women was Amandine Le Coz, who joined Daesh with her Moroccan husband in 2014.

Tooba Gondal, a 25-year-old French national who lived in Britain before joining Daesh in 2015, was also reported to be among the deported women.  

Both France's Foreign Ministry and Interior Ministry have declined to comment.

Last month, Turkey said it will send foreign members of Daesh back to their home countries despite the unwillingness of European countries to take them in, after the suspected militants were captured by the Turkish army troops during Ankara’s cross-border offensive into northeastern Syria.

Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu reiterated at the time that Turkey would surely send captured members of Daesh back to their countries of origin by the end of this year even if those countries have stripped them of citizenship.

The move is forcing European governments to decide how to handle the return of radicalized militants, including those with battlefield experience.

Turkish military forces and militants of the so-called Free Syrian Army (FSA), who enjoy Ankara’s patronage, on October 9, launched a cross-border offensive into northeastern Syria in a declared attempt to clear Kurdish militants of the People’s Protection Units (YPG) from border areas.

Ankara regards the US-backed YPG as a terrorist organization tied to the homegrown Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) militant group, which has been seeking an autonomous Kurdish region in Turkey since 1984.

Turkeys says its troops have managed to capture some escaped Daesh terrorists since the onset of the offensive, called Operation Peace Spring. These terrorists had escaped from a prison in northeastern Syria following the Turkish military operation.

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