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Published: 0333 GMT December 18, 2019

Bust of great Persian poet Rudaki unveiled in Moscow

Bust of great Persian poet Rudaki unveiled in Moscow

Bust of the great Persian poet Abu Abdollah Jafar Muhammad Rudaki, known as Rudaki, was unveiled in Russia’s capital Moscow.

The unveiling ceremony was attended by Iran’s Ambassador to Russia Mehdi Sanaei, the head of the Moscow State University Viktor Antonovich Sadovnichy, Russian officials and university students, IRNA reported.

The Persian poet is regarded as the first great literary genius of modern Persian language, hence, also known as ‘Adam of Poets,’ following the Arab conquest in the 7th and 8th centuries, which established Islam as the official religion, and made Arabic the predominant literary language in Persian-speaking lands for about two centuries.

The bust was awarded by the Iranian Embassy to Moscow State University as a symbol of consolidation of bilateral ties.

The ceremony of the great Iranian poet was organized by Moscow State University, the Institute for Asian and African countries, and the Iranian Embassy in Moscow.

Referring to the deep cultural and historical ties between the Persian-speaking societies and the Russians, Sadovnichy emphasized the importance of developing cultural and academic relations between the two sides.

He also praised the efforts of the Iranian ambassador over his four-year tenure in Moscow and the arrangement of meetings of the presidents of the two top universities, and extensive cooperation between the Iranian Embassy in Moscow and Moscow State University.



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