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Published: 0606 GMT January 09, 2020

Europe reacts to Iran-US tensions

Europe reacts to Iran-US tensions

Europe is continuing to react to the assassination of Iran’s General Qassem Soleimani, with much of both the political class and the public condemning what has widely been viewed as a reckless and violent provocation and act of terrorism by the United States and President Donald Trump.

On Tuesday, Iran responded by firing a number of ballistic missiles at US bases in direct retaliation, sending the message that acts of aggression and gross violations of sovereignty will not be tolerated.

In recent days, UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, following an initially mooted response from Prime Minister Boris Johnson, has condemned the airstrikes and called for de-escalation in the region, Presstv Reported.

In addition to the UK government, the European Union on Wednesday was also keen to stress a need for dialogue and de-escalation of tensions as the bloc continued to assess the impact of the US airstrikes, and violation of Iraq's sovereignty.

Ordinary Britons have also continued to vent their frustration at the US actions, condemning Trump’s brinksmanship, remaining deeply concerned about the ongoing repercussions of the latest crisis.

While the situation continues to develop, and following retaliation from Iran, widespread protests aimed at the United States and Trump are now set to continue with many remaining concerned that the US president's reckless actions and illegal provocations will continue in the region, and likely have dire ramifications.

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