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Published: 0332 GMT February 26, 2020

Iran sets restriction on tourism hotspots to curb coronavirus

Iran sets restriction on tourism hotspots to curb coronavirus

Iran prohibited entrance of tourists to desert areas until further notice in order to contribute to the country’s efforts to contain the spread of coronavirus.

The head of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Department of Aran va Bidgol in Isfahan Province, Hossein Chakeri, told IRNA on Wednesday that all desert areas, including Maranjab, Siazga, and Chale Sonbak are closed until further notice, according to IRNA.

Aran va Bidgol County and four of its towns (Aran va Bidgol, Nooshabad, Abouzeidabad and Sefid Shahr) are the northernmost region of Isfahan Province and of the oldest human settlements in the Iranian Plateau; its history traces back to the Sialk civilization (with about nine thousand years of history).

The county is made of the unification of the two old cities of Aran and Bidgol. The existence of hundreds of old qanats (subterranean canals), ancient monuments and castles across Dasht-e Kavir within the vicinity of this county, and some qanats that cross from the lower levels of the structure of the old Kashan city, shows the ancient history of development and prosperity in the region.

Aran va Bidgol, with unique historical and natural monuments and its own special traditions and customs is also among the tourist attractions of Isfahan Province. Tourists’ hobbies in these regions mainly focus on camel riding, skiing on sand, hiking, and off-road driving.



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