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Published: 0941 GMT February 27, 2020

Russia says US endangers Iran Deal

Russia says US endangers Iran Deal

Russia’s permanent representative in the United Nations said that the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is a unique achievement of diplomacy but the US has endangered it.

Speaking in the UN Security Council meeting about non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, Vasily Nebenzya said on Wednesday that the JCPOA was a great achievement in non-proliferation of nuclear bombs, noting that five years ago, the deal was endorsed by UNSC Resolution 2231, IRNA reported.

Nebenzya said that the deal is an example of effective response to a crisis that could have ended in a severe clash, but the two parties showed interest to hear each other out and could reach the big achievement.

The US has ignored all its commitments under the UN Charter and put the unique international achievement in danger.

In 8 May 2018, the US withdrew from the JCPOA and affronted all the world and UNSC members that had unanimously supported the act of multilateralism in 2015. Experts believe that the deal can be used as a base for reaching the goals of NPT in the world.

Concerns of some non-nuclear countries should be understood; they are after accelerating nuclear disarmament, he said, adding that military actions of the US and NATO against some countries, including Russia, has just further distanced the world from nuclear disarmament.

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