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Published: 0115 GMT March 22, 2020

Envoy: US must be accountable for its cruel sanctions against Iranian nation

Envoy: US must be accountable for its cruel sanctions against Iranian nation

Iranian Ambassador to Russia said on Sunday that the US should be accountable to the international community for its cruel sanctions against Iranian nation, adding that sanctions must be lifted during the outbreak of coronavirus.

Speaking to Russian media Tass, Kazem Jalali said US hurts Iranians by imposing economic sanctions, urging US officials to respond Iranians in international arena, IRNA reported.

Elaborating on the impact of coronavirus in Iran, he said COVID19 has turned out to be a pandemic which is unfortunately spreading rapidly in Iran and has brought about negative consequences for Iranians.

Iranian officials have taken all possible measures for reducing the impacts of coronavirus, he said.

Jalali went on to say that Russia has donated 500 coronavirus test kits to Iran which will be used for testing 50,000 people.

He noted that list of necessary goods have been given to Russia and Russian official are hoped to understand the situation in which Iranians are involved with.

Reacting to Western media’s claim accusing Iran of hiding reports on the number of victims, he said coronavirus is a pandemic now and there is no need for hiding the results.

Jalali reiterated that the World Health Organization’s officials stressed that Iranian health system and the government has spared no efforts in fighting coronavirus.

He said that there is unity and solidarity between Iranian people and government and they help each other.

US is pursuing the strategy of pretending to have soft stance toward Iran but in practice it has hardened its measures against Iran.

He noted that Russian Federation’s recent statement indicated that US’ sanctions are inhumane and profiteering.

Jalali said that Iran has various financial resources in other countries but due to US’ sanctions we cannot use them for buying medical equipment.

US officials have adopted inhuman and political stands against Iranians, he said adding that the world will not forget US unfair behaviors.

Iran is now negotiating with other countries by proving medical equipment, Jalali said noting the Iranian president and foreign minister announced that we need medical items.

Iranian diplomat said that fighting coronavirus should result in maintaining solidarity in the world through adopting a unified stance.

Head of Iran's Health Ministry Public Relations Office Kianoush Jahanpour said on Saturday that 7,635 people out of a total of 20,610 infected by the coronavirus have survived the deadly disease while 1,556 have unfortunately succumbed to death.


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