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Published: 0525 GMT March 22, 2020

Pakistani PM asks Trump to lift sanctions on Iran amid coronavirus outbreak

Pakistani PM asks Trump to lift sanctions on Iran amid coronavirus outbreak

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan urged the US President Donald Trump on Sunday to lift the sanctions imposed on Iran amid coronavirus outbreak on humanitarian grounds in order to help the nation in fighting against the COVID-19 epidemic.

Khan wrote on his Twitter account that the people of Iran are experiencing unuttered suffering as the imposed sanctions are making it hard for Iran to combat the coronavirus, local media reported.

Khan wrote that he wants to make an appeal to the US president on the basis of humanity to lift the sanctions on the neighboring country until the coronavirus epidemic is over.

While speaking at a media briefing previously, Khan had called on the international community to lift the sanctions on Iran so that Tehran could deal with the crisis situation caused by the virus.

He said that he would emphasize and urge the international community to remove the sanctions on Iran.

Khan added that it is unfair that Iranians are dealing with the outbreak of the COVID-19 on one side, and on the other hand they are experiencing the international sanctions.

Meanwhile on Sunday, Pakistani Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi held a telephonic conversation with Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, his Iranian counterpart, according to official sources.

Conveying deep concern and sorrow over the tragic loss of innocent lives in the on-going pandemic, Qureshi commended the government and people of Iran for valiantly combating the COVID-19 global pandemic.

He underscored that the pandemic was one of the greatest challenges to confront humanity in a century adding that successfully overcoming it necessitated both compassion and innovation.

The minister apprised his Iranian counterpart of Pakistan’s efforts to contain the pandemic.

Qureshi also reiterated the earlier call made by Prime Minister Imran Khan to lift sanctions against Iran, to enable it to utilize its resources to save precious human lives.

He also apprised the Iranian foreign minister of Pakistan’s diplomatic outreach in this regard.  

 Prospects of enhanced bilateral cooperation and coordination at the border in the context of the ongoing pandemic, also came under discussion.

Zarif appreciated Pakistan’s reaffirmation of support and solidarity and call to lift sanctions on Iran, in view of COVID-19.

He informed Qureshi that under President Hassan Rouhani's instructions, two hospitals had been allocated for foreign pilgrims from Pakistan and other countries.    

 The two foreign ministers underlined that Pakistan and Iran were not only close neighbors, but brotherly countries, that had stood by each other through difficult times.


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