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Published: 1201 GMT October 08, 2014

Turkey would like to use ISIL as gambit: American author

Turkey would like to use ISIL as gambit: American author

Turkey does not mind using the ISIL Takfiri terrorist group as a pretext to invade Syria, says an American author.

“Turkey has received billions upon billions of dollars of US military aid. They are clearly supporting ISIS. They would like to use ISIS as a gambit; as a pretext to invade Syria,” Webster Griffin Tarpley, author and historian from Washington, told Press TV in an interview Tuesday, mentioning the other name of the Takfiri group. press Tv reported.

“There is an official open public ISIS consulate in Ankara where you can go and get a visa to go into Syria provided - of course - you are a terrorist fighter.”

“This is a fake war that seems to focus on how to use ISIS to try to overthrow the government of Syria,” the political analyst said.

The comments come as airstrikes carried out by the US-led coalition against ISIL positions have failed to stop the terrorists advancing into the southwest of Kobani, a strategic border town of Syria that has been under ISIL attack since mid-September.

“Turkey is clear. When you talk about a no-fly zone you are talking about a bombing campaign to wipe out the entire Syrian air force and then grabbing an entire stretch of northern Syria and essentially making that into a paradise for terrorists,” Tarpley stated.

“The US air force - if they wanted to - could certainly clobber these ISIS terrorists around Kobani and disperse them. Not five airstrikes or ten, they could mount 50-100 per day... if they really wanted to, if they could use that air field in Turkey that the Turks are blocking.”

Turkey’s border with Syria has reportedly been the main entry point for foreign militants who seek to join ISIL.

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