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Published: 0144 GMT October 08, 2014

US after foothold to bring down Assad: Commentator

US after foothold to bring down Assad: Commentator

Washington is intentionally using ISIL to gain a foothold in Syria rather than stop training terrorists, says an analyst.

Daniel Patrick Welch, political commentator from Boston, told Press TV in an interview on Tuesday that if the United States was serious, it would do two things.

“One is to stop the funding – turn off the tap for all the terrorists fighting in Syria - and two, coordinate with the Syrian government to fight off this horrible scourge.”

“And they are not willing to do either because it is disingenuous. What they want is a foothold in Syria to bring down the Assad government,” the analyst said, referring to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Welch also said the US is intentionally allowing ISIL to reach the strategic northern town of Kobani near the border with Turkey.

“By mistake they claim to have bombed grain silos, oil refineries, a Syrian brigade and many civilians – That’s all apparently by mistake; but on purpose they haven’t managed to stop this advance in the north.”

Heavy urban warfare is underway between Kurdish forces and the ISIL terrorists in the eastern parts of Kobani. The Kurdish forces have forced ISIL to pull back from some neighborhoods, but the terrorists are advancing into the southwest of the town.

The ISIL militants launched attacks on Kobani about three weeks ago. Some 200,000 people, mainly Kurds, have been forced from their homes by the attacks so far.

The United States and its Arab allies began airstrikes targeting ISIL positions in late September. Kurdish authorities say the attacks are not working.

The political commentator said the United States has not been “serious about confronting ISIL,” because Washington has been “instrumental in funding and training” them.

“Since their stated aim is the ouster of the elected government (in Syria), it is just another regime change operation and this is another vignette in that whole saga.”

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