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Published: 0557 GMT October 11, 2014

Heavy flash floods cut power, close schools in Italian port

Heavy flash floods cut power, close schools in Italian port

The Italian port city of Genoa remains inundated following days of heavy rain which caused two rivers to burst their banks.

The enduring storm left residents without electricity and many schools were still closed on Friday, as firefighters continued rescue efforts in Genoa on Saturday.

Media reports said a train derailed due to the deluge.

On Friday, two of the city’s rivers, including the biggest in Genoa, the Bisagno, burst their banks and sent torrents of flood waters through the streets.

The water dumped more than a meter (three feet) of mud throughout the city and surrounding areas, catching city officials by surprise as it destroyed store fronts and swept aside cars.

At least one person was killed when flood waters swept through the northwestern city.

The mayor of Genoa, Andrea Doria, said the city had not been warned in time by Arpal, the meteorology agency for the northwestern Liguria region.

Italy’s Civil Protection Department has warned of more heavy downpours over the next few days.

In February, torrential rain caused severe flooding in several cities across the country, including the capital Rome and Pisa.

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