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Published: 0628 GMT August 17, 2014

Nazeri: Music lacking essential planning

Nazeri: Music lacking essential planning

Renowned Iranian vocalist Shahram Nazeri criticized the current trend of national music and said this art is deprived of essential planning.



In an interview with IRNA in Shiraz, Fars province, where the artist recently staged a concert, Nazeri opined on the status of traditional music.

"Our music has always faced problems one of which is different interpretations of people of music. Some are for and some are against it," said the vocalist.

He also criticized the national TV's approach to music.

Nazeri, known as Iranian Pavarotti, however, appreciated the performance of the 'Government of Hope and Prudence', and said, "It seems that officials in this government are open-minded toward the art."

"It is evident that the government is keen on reinforcing the art sector, although there still remains many obstacles."

Nazeri is the undisputed master of setting the poetry of the renowned classical Persian poet Molana Jalaleddin Rumi to music.

His voice is perfectly suited to the breadth of emotions and moods expressed in Rumi's verses.

Nazeri has so far made over 40 albums, containing mainly Rumi verses. Many of them have scored huge successes in Iran and become well-known internationally among lovers of spiritual music.

His album 'Gol-e Sad Barg' ('The Hundred-Petalled Flower'), which he recorded to mark Rumi's 800th birth anniversary, is one of the best-selling albums in Iran's history.



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