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Published: 0719 GMT December 08, 2014

Recognition of Palestine a global demand

Recognition of Palestine a global demand

European Union legislators are scheduled to discuss a resolution to recognize Palestine as a state this month.

The movement to recognize a Palestinian state is gaining ground in the EU.

Palestinians seek to create an independent state on the territories of the West Bank, East Beit-ul-Moqaddas and the Gaza Strip, and are demanding that Israel withdraw from the occupied Palestinian territories.

The Persian newspaper Iran conducted an interview with Majid Tafreshi Khameneh, an international law expert, on this issue.

Excerpts of the interview follow:

IRAN: What is your opinion about the new wave of recognition for Palestine as an independent state by European states?

KHAMENEH: The European Parliament resisted any recognition for Palestine in the past, but today it has changed its stance partially toward this issue due to the pressure of its people.

There is a possibility that the issue of recognition for Palestine could be put to a vote in the European Parliament in the near future. Governments and parliaments around the world, including the parliaments of countries such as Britain, which are responsible for the creation of Israel, have agreed to recognize Palestine.

This shows that the international community will never accept the elimination of Palestine, its continued occupation for over 70 years, massacre of its oppressed and defenseless people and forced displacement of the original residents of Palestine. 


What are the main factors pushing European states to support an independent Palestinian state?

There are several direct factors, such as the recent Gaza war and the global public opinion, which triggered this wave in Europe. But the main reason for recognition of the state of Palestine is the seven decades of resistance of the oppressed nation of Palestine and their victories gained through the martyrdom of thousands of Palestinians.

Indeed, the people of Palestine, due to their large-scale resistance against the occupation of their territories by Israel from day one, proved that force and vetoes of the UN Security Council will never be sufficient for the occupation and elimination of a country.

Of course, social networks and media affiliated to non-governmental organizations have played a vital role in this trend. In the era of communications, it is almost impossible to deceive people. The expansion of communication technologies and the reflection of Palestinian realities in the past decade like the blockade of Gaza Strip by Israel and massacre of international aid workers led to the international community’s acknowledgement of the righteousness of the Palestinian cause.


Why has this process of recognizing the Palestinian state started so late and after seven decades?

Indeed, the recognition of Palestinian state is the manifestation of the will of the people of the world for putting an end to force and terror in this part of the world. I hope that this wave of recognition in European states and other countries will lead to the gradual supremacy of "the power of logic" over "the logic of power", and is considered as a potential way out for the resolution of international problems and challenges.    


What is the best strategy for resolving the Palestinian issue?

Allowing Palestinian refugees to return to their homeland and holding a referendum by the Palestinians about the fate of their country is the best strategy for resolving the issue of Palestine.

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