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Published: 0301 GMT December 09, 2014

Iranians produce Farsi speech recognition software

Iranians produce Farsi speech recognition software

Iranian experts at a knowledge-based company have manufactured the Farsi version of speech recognition software.

Hadi Veysi, the managing director of the company, said the software can transcribe the user's voice and audio recordings of conference sessions into digital text.

He explained that users should ensure that microphone is connected to their computers, adding that the users need to set up computer for the speech recognition software.

Veysi also said if the user makes a mistake, the software edits it and the entire notepad is editable.

"Older versions of the software could understand input from a variety of users but with a limited vocabulary bank," he said, adding that additionally, background noise posed limiting factors on the effectiveness of speech recognition technology.

"The new software recognizes about 120,000 words and the user can say commands to turn off the system," he said.  

Most people can talk faster than they move their fingers on a keyboard, so with speech recognition software they are able to work as fast as you can talk, particularly with speech-to-text systems that have high dictation accuracy.

Hands-free computing is one of the biggest advantages of voice dictation programs. Working a job that requires a lot of back-and-forth between the computer and other tasks can typing cumbersome.

It's beneficial to those who aren't the best spellers and busy parents with their hands full who just want to get that email sent.

However, one of the largest benefits is to those with limited mobility or disabilities that restrict keyboard and mouse use. The dictation-to-text software can be used easily.


Resource: Iran Daily
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