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Published: 0323 GMT December 17, 2014

Iran builds resistant nanocomposite for railroads

Iran builds resistant nanocomposite for railroads

Iranian researchers have designed a nanocomposite with a desirable mechanical and resistance properties, which can be used for different purposes, including construction of insulated parts in railroads.

Mostafa Isaei, a Sharif Polytechnic University graduate and one of the authors of the study, said, "The project investigated phenolic nanocomposites and fiberglass properties to be used for the construction of insulated rail joints. It has also examined the presence of clay nanoparticles in the two modified and non-modified forms."

Isaei noted that the study aims to replace common samples used in railroad parts, ISNA wrote.

These parts are usually exposed to different air conditions and should be highly resistant.

The researcher further said the product can be used as insulated composite in railroad and also in missiles and spacecrafts, which need high resistance in tough weather conditions. Phenolic resin can be highly resistant against pressure and temperature.

Results of the study have been published in Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing.

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