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Published: 0415 GMT December 30, 2014

Early to bed may curb negative thoughts

Early to bed may curb negative thoughts

There is a famous proverb, "Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise." But now, researchers say going to bed late and experiencing interrupted sleep may contribute to more negative thoughts, compared with individuals who go to bed early. The study was conducted by Jacob Nota and Meredith Coles of Binghampton University in New York.

Previous research associated sleep problems with repetitive negative thoughts, but Nota and Coles wanted to investigate whether there is a link between having these negative thoughts and the time a person goes to bed at night, Medical Daily News wrote.

According to the authors, repetitive negative thinking is "defined as an abstract, preservative, negative focus on one's problems and experiences that is difficult to control."

Individuals who have such thoughts tend to worry too much about the future or the past, and they experience intrusive thoughts that can be bothersome.

Nota and Coles said individuals who have such thoughts typically suffer from generalized anxiety disorder, major depressive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, compulsive disorder or social anxiety disorder. Likewise, these individuals typically experience sleep problems.


Resource: Medical Daily News
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