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Published: 1112 GMT January 03, 2015

Danish military to invest $75mn in cyber warfare

Danish military to invest $75mn in cyber warfare

Denmark’s Defense Intelligence Service (FE) is reportedly set to initiate cyber attacks against what the European country considers hostile states and institutions.

Over the next two years, the country’s military and foreign intelligence service plans to invest nearly USD 75 million in its “offensive” cyber division, leading Danish daily Politiken reported Friday.

According to the report, Copenhagen will dedicate some 465 million kroner (USD 75 million) to improving its capabilities to engage in cyber warfare against hostile targets by 2017.

The decision was made in the wake of hacking attacks allegedly targeting Denmark’s defense and industry sector to steal sensitive data over the past years.

The FE reports that since 2012, at least four Danish corporations have been targeted in “incredibly” sophisticated, “state-sponsored” cyber attacks with China being the main suspect.

Meanwhile, some Danish experts insist that a cyber attack against a foreign nation by the FE constitutes a military operation or an act of war and therefore requires authorization from the parliament.   

“When we go to war, it is parliament that declares war and the military that carries it out,” said Anders Henriksen, an expert at the University of Copenhagen on international law as cited in the report by Politiken.

However, the daily said the Danish Defense Ministry argues only those cyber attacks that lead to physical damage to enemy targets should be considered warfare and therefore require prior parliamentary approval.

 Denmark’s Defense Minister Nicolai Wammen also believes that launching an offensive cyber attack against a foreign state or company without parliamentary approval would not breach the nation’s constitution, the report adds.

“I am convinced that the constitutional requirement to include parliament in the given situation can be reconciled with any concerns in relation to the operation’s implementation and security,” Wammen said as quoted by Politiken.


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