The best teachers should be put in reception classes to have the biggest impact on a child’s education, a major study has found.
Best teachers should be put in reception classes
In a country wherein the center is covered with two vast deserts including the hottest spot on Earth (70°C in Dasht-e Lut), the last thing you’d expect to see is a ski resort.
Shemshak, third largest ski resort in Iran
The number of 10- to 17-year-olds cautioned or sentenced for knife possession offences in the UK has risen by 16 percent since this time last year, with 2017 set to be one of the worst years in the last four decades for child knife deaths.
Number of UK children penalized for knife possession rises
Nature lovers beware, environmental models used by researchers at the University of New Hampshire are showing that the effects of climate change could be much stronger by the middle of the 21st century, and a number of ecosystem and weather conditions could consistently decline even more in the future.
Effects of climate change could accelerate by mid-century
New research from the University of Birmingham and VIVID Housing Association has found for the first time a link between well-being and housing tenure — with social renters more likely than homeowners to have lower levels of anxiety.
Social housing to provide same emotional benefits as home ownership
Supervisors who cannot tear themselves away from their smartphones while meeting with employees risk losing their employees' trust and, ultimately, their engagement, according to new research from Baylor University's Hankamer School of Business.
Bosses who 'phone snub' employees risk losing trust, engagement
Each year for the past 12 years, an international team of scientists have issued a ‘report card’ on the Arctic climate system. The report amounts to a physical exam of the vast, rapidly changing region, including details on everything from surface air temperatures to sea ice melt and permafrost loss.
Recent Arctic warming unprecedented
The combination of cold weather and loneliness could be lethal in the coming months, England's most senior nurse is warning.
Cold weather, loneliness 'lethal in winter'
The gender pay gap is perpetuated by teenage girls who want jobs that pay less in the UK, a major study has found.
Gender pay gap perpetuated by UK teenage girls who want jobs that pay less
Despite deplorable living conditions, loneliness and unemployment, many African migrants in Italy choose to stay – even when they have the means to return.
Migrants in Italy: 'Shame is keeping us here'

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