Prisoners age more quickly than the general population, inspectors said, as, they say, jails in England and Wales are ill-equipped to deal with a growing population of older inmates.
Prisoners age more quickly than general population, inspectors say
Growing numbers of people who experience a mental health crisis are having to visit A&E or are detained for their own safety because National Health Service (NHS) services to help them are deteriorating, MPs and peers have warned.
People in mental health crisis neglected by NHS, MPs warn
Scottish Power has become the first of the UK’s big six energy firms to ditch fossil fuels for electricity generation, by selling off its last remaining gas power stations to Drax for more than £700 million.
Scottish Power shifts to 100% wind generation after £700m Drax sale
A new study in the journal Behavioral Ecology, published by Oxford University Press, suggested that higher water temperature, which increases the aggressiveness of some fish, could lead to better protection of some coral.
Higher temperatures could help protect coral reefs
About 820 million people still suffer from hunger, said United Nations (UN) Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, calling for a world in which every person has access to a healthy and nutritious diet.
UN chief: Some 820m people still suffer from hunger
Deep breath. Autumn in India is smog season, the worst time of year for some of the world’s most polluted cities.
How to beat air pollution? Stop burning the fields
In Africa, over 640 million people — almost double the population of United States — have no access to electricity, with many relying on dirty sources of energy sources for heating, cooking and lighting.
Students go green to end global energy poverty
The number of local bus journeys fell to a 12-year low in the UK, prompting public transport campaigners to talk of a crisis in the services.
Fall in local UK bus journeys to 12-year low prompts talk of crisis
The desert of northern Mexico seemed so perfect when the Mennonites moved here 26 years ago: A place free from electricity, television or cars.
Fleeing electricity, Mexico Mennonites seek new home

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