After decades of extensive research, Iran has finally started the mass production of a new herbal drug named “Migraine Cut” for relieving migraine headaches.
Iran produces new herbal drug for migraine
Vitamin B12 is an important nutrient that helps keep the body’s nervous system and blood cells healthy, but a deficiency can result in the development of anemia.
Vitamin B12: Seven signs you could have a deficiency
Scientists have just discovered why babies need to move in the womb to develop strong bones and joints.
New research shows why babies need to move in womb
Iranian treatment and health centers work at the level of international standards, said Mauritanian Health Minister Kane Boubacar, who is in Tehran on an official visit.
Mauritanian minister: Iranian health centers enjoying int'l standards
Prescribing knitting could save the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) millions of pounds, a new report suggested, because it lowers blood pressure, reduces depression and slows the onset of dementia.
Knitting could lower blood pressure, reduce depression, slow dementia
A new study lends further evidence to a suspected link between abnormal breast growth in young boys — called prepubertal gynecomastia — and regular exposure to lavender or tea tree oil, by finding that key chemicals in these common plant-derived oils act as endocrine-disrupting chemicals.
Chemicals in lavender and tea tree oil appear to be hormone disruptors
Data released from a large multi-center study provides a view into the effectiveness of two drugs used to prevent heart problems resulting from breast cancer treatment.
Study: Two drugs prevent heart problems in breast cancer patients
A massive study in Europe is challenging the so-called ‘obesity paradox’ in which overweight or obese people are not at increased risk of heart disease.
Massive study challenges 'obesity paradox' — weight does affect health
Small populations of pathogenic bacteria may be harder to kill off than larger populations because they respond differently to antibiotics, a new study by Emory University finds.
Biophysicists discover how small populations of bacteria survive treatment

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