More than 20,000 people living in U.S. nursing homes experienced serious injuries to the face last year, mainly from falling and hitting hard surfaces or while getting in and out of bed, a recent study suggests.
Facial injuries are common in US nursing home residents
Children who drink one serving of 100 percent fruit juice a day don't appear to gain significantly more weight than kids who consume no juice at all, a research review suggests.
Daily glass of pure fruit juice doesn't cause weight gain in kids
This is a very important finding that we all need to keep in mind whenever we decide to eat any highly processed food.
Processed Carbs Can Increase Food Cravings
If you have seasonal allergies, the arrival of spring on Monday is probably less about warmth and flowers and more about itchy eyes and congestion.
Welcome Spring and Still Survive Your Allergies
Sleep deprivation and sleep disorders are dangerous, costly, and impact our health and overall well-being. New research puts forth sleep as a major public health concern, and shows that the effects of a good night's sleep are as beneficial for our happiness and well-being as winning the lottery might be.
Better sleep can literally make us feel like a million bucks
Iranian researchers have succeeded in laboratory synthesis, optimization of the synthesis at higher scale and production of anti-cancer drugs with active ingredient at an industrial scale.
Researchers produce anticancer drug with active ingredient
Researchers say an experimental blood test has shown promise as a novel way to diagnose autism in children.
Could a Blood Test Spot Autism in Childhood?
Zapping the brain with low levels of electricity may help improve the short-term memory of those suffering major neurological injuries, a new study found.
Zapping the brain with electricity could improve memory
Around 10,000 women a year in the UK might benefit from a new type of breast cancer treatment, said scientists.
New drug can treat one in five breast cancers
Currently, electronic health records (EHRs) have been established for 65 million Iranians, announced the health minister.
EHRs created for 65m Iranians

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