One in four people over-65 in Britain are clinically obese, shocking NHS figures reveal.
At least 2.9 million of UK pensioners are seriously overweight
Previous research has suggested that there is a link between depression and tea drinking. Now, a new study is investigating this relationship further.
Older adults who drink tea are less likely to be depressed
The trend of health problems faced by the population in 2019 hinted that the country continued to face extraordinary burden of both the communicable and non-communicable diseases in 2019 and the concerned government authorities come up with almost little success in devising a strategy to safeguard population from the infectious diseases and their epidemics.
Pakistan continues to face double burden of diseases in 2019
China reported 17 more cases of pneumonia caused by a new coronavirus strain on Sunday, stoking worries of it spreading as the country gears up to celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year when hundreds of millions of people travel.
China virus cases spike, 17 new infections reported
The lungs and placentas of fetuses in the womb — as young as 11 weeks after conception — already show a bacterial microbiome signature, which suggests that bacteria may colonize the lungs well before birth.
Human fetal lungs harbor a microbiome signature
Patients taking the blood thinner warfarin have been told that it should be taken at night, but a new study found the time of day doesn't matter.
Time of day may not matter for Warfarin dose
Chinese health authorities said on Saturday they had discovered four more cases of pneumonia following an outbreak of what is believed to be a new coronavirus strain in the central city of Wuhan, raising concerns that the disease could spread further.
China reports new Wuhan virus cases ahead of key holiday
Last week alone, seven children died of the flu, bringing the pediatric death toll to 39, according to new figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
Flu has already killed 39 children in US
Based on indices including citations, 65 Iranian universities, 22 of them active in medical sciences, are among top universities in the world, a senior health ministry official said.
22 Iranian medical sciences universities among world's best
In another step toward using artificial intelligence (AI) in medicine, a new study shows that computers can be trained to match human experts in judging the severity of prostate tumors.
AI system 'near perfect' at spotting prostate cancer

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