Set in the middle of a mass of laser equipment, researchers have managed to trigger the coldest chemical reaction in the known universe. This feat promises to reveal some essential truths about how the building blocks of matter react at ultra-low temperatures.
Scientists trigger coldest chemical reaction in universe
Scientists have made artificial nerve cells, paving the way for new ways to repair the human body.
Artificial neurons developed to fight disease
Alphabet Inc.’s new chief executive, Sundar Pichai, will have the hot seat all to himself as regulators around the world investigate the company, US politicians demand that it be broken up, and President Donald Trump accuses it of aiding his rivals.
Alphabet's new CEO Pichai now sole target on Google regulatory battles
The gene-editing performed on Chinese twins to immunize them against HIV may have failed and created unintended mutations, scientists said after the original research was made public for the first time.
China gene-edited baby experiment 'may have created unintended mutations', scientists say
Life has faced many challenges as it has scrambled over this blue marble; many times, it has seemingly reached the brink, only to come back with surprising vigor. Now, researchers have finally figured out how living things could have survived a colossal glaciation event known as the Cryogenian Period.
We may finally understand how life survived icy hell of Snowball Earth
India's Vikram lunar lander, which crashed on its final approach to the Moon's surface in September, was found thanks in part to the sleuthing efforts of an amateur space enthusiast.
NASA finds Indian Moon lander with help of amateur space enthusiast
There are a number of health risks that come with going to space. Aside from the increased exposure to solar radiation and cosmic rays, there are the notable effects that microgravity can have on human physiology.
Microgravity seems to neutralize majority of cancer cells, experiments reveal
B. Don Russell wasn’t thinking about preventing a wildfire when he developed a tool to detect power line problems before blackouts and bigger disasters.
Technology to keep lights on could help prevent wildfires
Flight feathers are masterpieces of evolution, helping penguins swim, eagles soar and hummingbirds hover.
Flightless birds’ feathers offer clues to evolution of flight
How typical is our solar system? The question bedevils planetary scientists, but making detections of analogous features in other planetary systems is pretty hard.
Astronomers detect familiar feature in a far-away solar system

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