Chemical specialist George Aldrich spent over four decades with NASA sniffing anything and everything that could be launched into space with astronauts.
NASA's 'Chief Sniffer' explains how his nose helps astronauts
Today, commuting to work in a personal helicopter or private jet is something that’s only really available to billionaire CEOs and hedge fund managers.
Six flying cars that you might actually be able to own and fly in your lifetime
Robots that can diagnose diseases, play badminton and wow audiences with their musical skills are among the machines China hopes could revolutionize its economy, with visitors to a Beijing exhibition offered a glimpse of an automated future.
China shows off automated doctors, teachers, combat stars
Officials of Central University of Ecuador and Tehran University met on Sunday in Tehran to discuss ways to enhance bilateral cooperation.
Iran, Ecuador eye increased academic coop.
Michaela Cordova, a research associate and lab manager at Oregon Health and Science University, began by ‘de-metaling’: Removing rings, watches, gadgets and other sources of metal, double-checking her pockets for overlooked objects that could, in her words, ‘fly in’. Then she entered the scanning room, raised and lowered the bed, and waved a head coil in the general direction of the viewing window and the iPad camera that’s enabling this virtual lab tour (I’m watching from thousands of miles away in Massachusetts).
Researchers developing unique identifier for brain
Led by Dr. Akhilesh K. Gaharwar, a team at Texas A&M University has developed a method that employs 2D nanoparticles to promote blood vessel growth.
Scientists use nanotechnology to develop novel method for growing blood vessels
Dartmouth scientists have created a more sustainable feed for aquaculture by using a marine microalga co-product as a feed ingredient.
Scientists develop feeds using a marine microalga co-product
Researchers have developed the world's smallest single-atom transistor that consumes very little energy opening new avenues for Information Technology.
IT energy efficiency: Single-atom transistor in gel electrolyte reaches the limit of miniaturization
Tree ring analysis has helped scientists pinpoint the date of Thera's eruption.
Tree rings helped scientists date ancient Greek eruption

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