In space, no one can hear you scream because sound can't travel in a vacuum. But if we convert electromagnetic activity to sound, it suddenly becomes a very noisy place. And our Earth is no exception; specifically, in and around the magnetic field generated by Earth's molten core.
Sound of Earth being wracked by solar storm is eerily disturbing
Scientists on Monday unveiled the first global geological map of Saturn’s moon Titan including vast plains and dunes of frozen organic material and lakes of liquid methane, illuminating an exotic world considered a strong candidate in the search for life beyond Earth.
'Possibility of life': Scientists map Saturn's exotic moon Titan
The largest of Saturn's many moons has lakes, mountains and dunes, with its surface scarred and crafted by many of the same forces which have shaped Earth, scientists say.
Saturn moon Titan shaped by same forces as Earth
Microsoft said on Monday it was updating the privacy provisions of its commercial cloud contracts after European regulators found its deals with European Union institutions failed to protect data in line with EU law.
Microsoft updates terms on data privacy amid EU probe
A glue that works underwater and can stick objects together in mere seconds has been developed by a team of researchers from Japan.
Scientists develop underwater glue that works like static electricity
By Frederik Saltre & Corey J. A. Bradshaw*
Are we really in a sixth mass extinction?
There are three major seasons in the life of a bear: The active season, beginning in May; a period of intense eating, in late September, and hibernation, from January into spring.
Hibernation works for bears; could it work for us, too?
The next satellite tasked with maintaining the "gold standard" measurement of sea-level rise is about to enter final testing.
Sentinel for sea-level rise enters testing
Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs provided more details on the technology it intends to use to develop a futuristic smart city in Toronto, which includes self-driving garbage cans and infrared sensors to track foot traffic in stores, a document released by the company said.
Alphabet features self-driving garbage cans, apartment noise monitors in Toronto smart city project

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