When HTC and Oculus launched their first-gen virtual reality (VR) headsets back in the spring of 2016, it felt like the beginning of a revolution.
VR revolution is alive, well; it's just not ready for you
"It's like you're putting your hands into the gloves of the expert. Receiving movement information from an experienced surgeon can help learners gain the skills more quickly," said Bin Zheng, head of a surgical lab at the University of Alberta.
Canadian university lab taps new tech to train surgeons
Miniature remote controlled cars have proved to be a crowd pleaser at track and field throwing events, but for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Toyota Motor Corp. is upping the game with a hi-tech way to fetch javelins and hammers: pint-sized, self-driving artificial intelligence (AI) robot cars.
AI, self-drive tech to be used in Tokyo Games
Dogger Bank, a windy and shallow stretch of sea 125 kilometers off the East Yorkshire coast isn’t an awful lot to look at, unless you’re an energy firm looking for the perfect place to drop a huge new wind farm. The desolate stretch of the North Sea is being eyed-up for a giant new power hub consisting of three artificial islands that would transfer electricity to the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Norway, Wired magazine reported.
Artificial islands in North Sea could power millions of UK homes
A Russian space capsule with three astronauts aboard has docked with the International Space Station (ISS) after a fast-track trip to the orbiting laboratory.
Russian capsule carrying three docks with space station
The question of how life first emerged on Earth is a mystery that continues to elude scientists. Despite everything that scientists have learned from the fossil record and geological history, it is still not known how organic life emerged from inorganic elements (a process known as abiogenesis) billions of years ago.
Scientists think they found missing evidence explaining how life started on Earth
A pocket-sized pocket shark found in the Gulf of Mexico turned out to be a new species.
American pocket-sized shark a new, glowing species
What’s on your plate? The answer doesn’t just matter for your next dinner — it’s an issue of critical importance to archaeologists, who can infer everything from individual diets to large-scale population movements based on the chemistry of an ancient bone sample.
Where you grew up, what you ate; your bones record your life
Is there life on planets outside our Solar System? How did stars and galaxies form in the earliest years of the universe? How do black holes shape galaxies?
Giant Hawaii telescope to focus on big unknowns of universe

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