Pakistan will get a loan of $3.4 billion from the Asian Development Bank for budgetary support, Prime Minister Imran Khan's adviser on finance said as the cash-strapped country tries to overcome a ballooning balance-of-payments crisis that threatens to cripple its economy.
Cash-strapped Pakistan inks deal with ADB, to get $3.4b
China's trade volume with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) stood at $337 billion in 2018, a rise of $47 billion since 2013, with Russia and India emerging as Beijing's biggest trading partners within the Eurasian bloc, according to a recent study by the Shanghai Cooperation Organization United Center for Business Cooperation, a copy of which was provided exclusively to CGTN Digital.
Russia, India enhance China's trade within SCO amid tariff war
Those who insult Chinese people should pay the price in order to deter would-be offenders from following suit, Chinese state media said in a sharply worded commentary, after remarks by a UBS economist about pigs sparked an outcry in China.
Chinese media urges retribution after UBS economist's 'insult'
Beijing has confirmed that its vessel hit a Philippine fishing boat in a collision in the disputed South China Sea but dismissed claims the incident was intentional.
China dismisses Philippine claims vessel accident was ‘hit-and-run’
Hong Kong has indefinitely suspended a proposed legislation that would allow extradition to mainland China, after days of protests across the city.
Hong Kong indefinitely suspends extradition bill to 'restore peace'
Chinese President Xi Jinping celebrated his 66th birthday on Saturday with Russian President Vladimir Putin, who Xi considers a close friend and who gave Xi ice cream as a present, Chinese state media reported.
China's Xi celebrates birthday with 'best friend' Putin
Hong Kong's leader on Saturday said a controversial bill that would allow extraditions to China would be "suspended" after a week of unprecedented protests.
Hong Kong suspends extradition bill
Beijing has yielded to Hong Kong’s unique economic status.
Beijing yields to Hong Kong’s financial clout
China has denounced as “crude interference” proposed US legislation for the annual certification of Hong Kong’s autonomy.
China slams US for ‘crude interference’ in Hong Kong
The Shanghai Cooperation Organization is an "effective and constructive" mechanism for promoting multilateral cooperation that plays an important role in maintaining regional peace and stability, the SCO member states say.
SCO plays constructive role in promoting regional peace, stability: Statement

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